Village Hall

The building standing on the corner of Churchfield Road and the High Street is of historical significance. The building now home to Superdrug and previously home to Tescos was once Walton Village Hall.

It was presented to the Village in 1880 by the Sassons of Ashley Park on the occasion of the marriage of J. Sasson. It was used as the polling station for the election of the first Urban district councilors in 1894. Early films, including some made locally by Cecil Hepworth, were shown there. Later it became Walton’s first cinema- “The picture palace”. The building has changed slightly since then. An extension brings the front of the building level with the rest of the shops in the High Street but the division between the two sections is easily distinguishable. The new section is square with a flat room, where as the old section has an arched roof.

Rear of Superdrug, Church Street, Walton-on-Thames in 2001

Superdrug pharmacy, Walton-on-Thames. The top photograph dates from around 1925. The Foden steam Wagon in the foreground of the picture dates the photographs to around 1925 when mains cables were being laid. The bottom photograph was taken in June 2001. It shows the same scene today. The entrance to the building (now the rear) has moved from the side to the back. Where the doors once were has been bricked in, this can be seen in the second photo. The two windows which were present in the black and white photograph have also been blocked in with bricks. New windows have been added to the top floor as well. However apart from this the back of the building has changed very little. The building is now 131 years old (in 2010).

Front of Superdrug, High Street, Walton-on-Thames in 2001

Superdrug Walton-on-Thames in 2001. The division between the original building built by the Sassoon’s and the modern extensions is clearly visible. The new section being a square shape, the old section having an arched roof. The company’s website is